Our Clients

Our goal is to be a trusted advisor to our clients by using business acumen, wisdom and Technology as a Service to grow and enhance their businesses while providing them peace of mind, predictable expenses, and business-enabling solutions. We want all of our clients to be raving fans of IT That Works.

Today, I am not stressed by IT issues!

Pinnacle Truck and Trailer Sales

These guys delivered a complete, high-quality solution which cut my monthly telecom costs by 70%

International Therapeutic Massage

IT solutions they implemented have improved our ability to serve our customers.

Walter A. Wood Supply

Got us up and running quickly on A Better Outlook after internal Exchange server died

Migrated us from an old internal Exchange deployment to a better outlook and saved us both money and time.


Got us out of a bad relationship with our previous Exchange Hosting provider

CB Weir Manuel

Our processes are fully automated and every task requires technology: customer service, truck service, warranty and repair history, parts and truck inventory control, sales, inter-site communication. All of our technology must work correctly, ANY IT issue can shut us down. For 15 years, IT that Works has ensured that their entire staff is acquainted with our installation. I turn project and support work over to IT that Works knowing that each will be done professionally which reduces my stress and frees me to focus on tasks which improve company profitability.

General Manager
Mack of Nashville