Maximize your technology investment

If you’re suffering from a lack of room in your office because your hardware is taking over and you need to implement new IT but don’t know where to put it, it’s time to talk to ITTW about Virtualization. We’ll help you separate your IT resources from your in-house environment so that you’ll be more productive - despite using less equipment. That’s because your IT will be delivered to you via the Internet.

When our team virtualizes your in-house technology, you’ll enjoy improved access to more technology, more memory and more software than is physically located on your premises - because we’ll host everything for you offsite. We can apply our Virtualization techniques to a number of your organization’s IT facets, including networks, storage, laptop and server hardware, operating systems and applications.

Think about how much more you could achieve when you have more room in your office, more space on your hard drives, enhanced technology and the burden of looking after it removed.

Virtualization from ITTW allows your business to:

  • Improve application performance – with rapid provisioning and dynamic load balancing
  • Quickly become fully functional after a disaster – with easier data recovery solutions
  • Increase utilization – by consolidating your servers
  • Go green – reduce your energy bill by using less servers

Virtualization technologies put space and distance between computing, storage, networking hardware and their supported applications – so you get more advanced technology without installing more equipment.

Once we’ve implemented your virtual infrastructure, the only thing you’ll notice is the increase in productivity and your improved office environment; actually using your computers will be no different thanks to the seamless transition. And when we’re looking after your IT for you, you’ll be able to make better use of your IT guy who’ll have more time to spend developing business solutions that help you grow.

Learn how Virtualization solutions from ITTW can help your business achieve more.

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