Email/Virus/Spam Protection

Safeguard your business against online dangers

The vast majority of businesses reply on email to enable quick and easy internal and external communication. And although the benefits of email are undeniable, not protecting your inboxes from spam, phishing, viruses and malware is leaving you wide open to attack. Email & Spam Protection from ITTW brings your business peace of mind by providing reliable email solutions that don’t come with the associated risks.

Don't let your business suffer through a malicious third party’s actions. Email & Spam Protection from ITTW ensures your email is working for the benefit of your staff and company as opposed to creating vulnerabilities and security loopholes.

Choose Email & Spam Protection from ITTW and you will:

  • Enhance email access – with responsive search options plus attachment & message archiving
  • Hone business procedures – reduce the pressure on your server by offloading huge amounts of storage
  • Ensure your email is secure – stop online dangers and protect your business
  • Clarify systems – get complete email indexing and simplified data access

Avoid the threat of online attacks and protect all you’ve worked for.

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