Business Class Phone Systems

I am concerned that my telecommunication and telephone vendors are more concerned about their profits than mine! They always seem to fail to deliver the level of service I expect. Why are they pushing a specific solution without evaluating my needs?

Many vendors only emphasize the one or two technologies which they are prepared to deliver. Unfortunately, the choice of telephone technology is not a one size fits all solution for every business. Our telecom and telephony solutions are configurable to utilize a single technology or a combination of technologies (e.g., POTS, VoIP, PRI, PSTN, SIP, Hosted).

IT that Works is experienced in all available solutions so that we can provide you with a professionally designed Telecom and Telephony solution which delivers the functions your company needs at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership. We deliver solutions which:

  • Includes flexibility to create unique solutions for your business
  • Are remote supportable 24x7x365 whether the right solution is Hosted or On-Premise
  • Relies on World Class, award winning technology
  • Are designed and priced right for installations with 3 to 1000 handsets
  • Scale and Grow with Your Business
  • Utilizes all Telephony technologies (VoIP, POTS, PRI, PSTN or Multiples) not just VoIP
  • Utilizes offsite configuration backups so you never have to rebuild your installation from scratch again
  • Provides robust security so you never have to worry about hackers stealing minutes that you pay for and reselling those minutes to others at 100% profit
  • Presents an image to your callers which matches the professional image you desire for your business

Our IT that Works A Better Comm solution delivers a solution specifically designed to meet your needs at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership not an acquisition cost that may cost you 2 to 3 times the operating costs over 5 years. We are ready to empower your business.

Reduce your monthly operating costs by 40% to 60% today:

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