I Didn't Realize How Stressful Moving
My Business Was Going To Be!

Relocating a small or medium-sized business takes plenty of patience, time and money. Moving offers chances to grow, update technology and reinvigorate your staff, but it can also lead to unexpected headaches.

Relocating involves more than just moving office furniture and technology. In fact, most business owners are shocked to discover just how detailed a project it is, even if your new offices are just across the hall!

Moving Doesn't Have To Be A Headache!

I've worked with many companies through this transition and have compiled a comprehensive checklist that I know you will find helpful in planning your relocation. I'd like to share it with you!

"This is the most complete and comprehensive list I have ever seen for the moving of one office to another!!! Bob Breitman and his team at IT that works are true consummate professionals who take the time to review all details from website production and maintenance to advising clients on how to be on the leading edge of many technological components of their business. Plus, they are nice people to work with!!!"

Jonathan Brateman
Jonathan Brateman Properties, Inc.
(Commercial Realtor)

My checklist covers critical essentials such as...

Physical Planning Internal Teams Labeling For Move Day
Wiring / Cabling / Phone / Internet Cleaning Equipment
Meetings and Communication

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Best Regards,
Bob Breitman, President
IT that Works – Midwest