A Better Cloud

Business Computing as a ServiceSM (BCaaS – pronounced “because”)

If you're like most companies today, you either load business software programs onto individual machines, or you rely on a local server. A Better Cloud delivers the same functions in a different way.

In the cloud, business computing moves from being a wholly purchased commodity to being a service that you use when and where you need it. Rather than paying up front for software, you pay only for what you use. You effectively outsource the function of managing and maintaining your business computing software.

Some call it "on-demand software." We call this Business Computing as a ServiceSM.

With BCaaS you can:

  • Be confident that your programs and applications will work when and where you need them
  • Add or delete users or programs as needed, without capital expenditure
  • Grow at a comfortable pace, at a predictable cost, with software that grows with you

We build a cutting-edge, robust infrastructure of servers, networks, switches, and firewalls with additional redundancy. You always have secure, protected access to the software and data you need to run your business.

Cloud is not for everyone or every situation. How do you know if it is right for your business?

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Do you have extra money to spend on infrastructure? Can you get a loan for capital expenditures?

Would you want to when you can spend it on marketing or running your business?

Putting your business computing function in the cloud can be very cost-effective over the life of your computer needs. Technology moves fast and your customers will expect you to keep up. If you have not recently updated your information technology, any expense may seem like a large expense. But someday, probably sooner rather than later, you will need to do it.

You can spend a lot up front, and have to maintain and upgrade year after year just to keep up.

Or, by using A Better Cloud you can reduce your expenses to predictable monthly costs that include all services and maintenance. All you need is a simple device with Internet access.

With A Better Cloud, it's also easy to grow. Need to add a new employee or program? Or give access to additional application functionality? Easily manage additions and changes with a secure, user-friendly portal. No more purchasing multiple application licenses up front. Just add what you need when you need it and give it back when you no longer do.

Cloud is not for everyone or every situation. How do you know if it is right for your business?

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Advantages of A Better CloudSM

Most companies will move their IT software services to the cloud for one of three reasons:

  • Cost (TCO - Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Convenience
  • Flexibility (Scale-ability)

Cost: Technology changes fast. It can be expensive to continually update software or invest in new hardware to keep up with new requirements to execute your existing or new applications. With A Better Cloud, we can virtually eliminate the technology refresh cycle, drastically reducing your TCO, or Total Cost of Ownership.

A Better Cloud allows you to move infrastructure upgrades and maintenance from an unpredictable up-front cost to a predictable, monthly expense.

Convenience: A Better Cloud allows you to run many types of applications on a variety of platforms and devices (desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone), without having to load the applications on each device. You don't have to rely on the location or strength of the server, just the local Internet connection.

Also, we know that every morning when you turn on your device, it will function because we take care of the maintenance, and address any issues throughout the day as they arise. We continuously monitor the computers, networks and servers so you don't have to. We scan for viruses and apply patches. All for a fixed price.

Flexibility: With A Better Cloud, you can scale up or down to serve your needs. Add users through a simple control panel, and select only the applications and features that each user needs. The menu-driven, self-provisioning service means it will do what you tell it to do without having to know all the back-end systems and applications.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device
A Better Cloud means you can conduct business when and where you need to, 24x7x365, on any device (desktop, laptop, notebook, tablet, smartphone) as long as the Internet is available for that device.

  • Anytime - 24x7x365
  • Anywhere - Internet connectivity is all that is required
  • Any device - desktop, laptop, notebook, tablet, smartphone

Whether you are meeting a client at their place of business or the local coffee shop, whether you want to work from home, the office or on the beach, A Better Cloud will be there with you. Secure, updated, and ready to work when you are.

Cloud is not for everyone or every situation. How do you know if it is right for your business?

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Components of A Better Cloud

With A Better Cloud we have architected our solutions from the ground up to be robust, secure, and scalable. The key components of the A Better Cloud solution are: